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Patios and Walks

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Concrete pavers, clay pavers and natural stone products can be used in multiple applications such as patios, sidewalks, and stoops.  These products are an excellent choice for our climate having the ability to flex with southeastern Wisconsin’s ever changing temperature.  Interlocking concrete pavers are engineered to flex with rapidly changing temperatures as opposed to concrete which cracks and splits causing tripping hazards or drainage issues.  Pavers come in multiple patterns, color ranges, and textures providing endless design possibilities for the outdoor living space.  Permeable paver patios, paver patios, paver sidewalks, and paver stoops all have their place and function in the landscape.  


Natural stone patios are another great choice when selecting your paving material.  Natural stone is sourced locally in-state and includes limestone and lannon stone products. Bluestone is also a popular option as the stone provides a timeless color.  Natural stone products can be irregular in shape creating a natural look or cut to create a more patterned look.

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